Friday, May 27, 2005

Deep Listening

This week was full of remarkable conversations. For the most part, I was quiet! This kind of conversation is incredibly hard work.
  • Monday - JC and I spent over an hour conversing. It was the first time I felt heard in nine months, and probably the first time I truly heard him.
  • Tuesday - The group mentoring event was a 3-hour exercise in holding open conversational space.
  • Wednesday - JC's status meeting took the form of a dialogue. Did the meeting morph as a result of Monday's conversation with JC?
  • Thursday - JP and I had lunch together. While he coached me, new insight emerged for him, as well. He acted on that insight - how cool is that?
  • Friday - PD and I co-explored the possiblity that we might work together. It was a job interview unlike any other I've experienced.

I am exhausted, but excited about further developing this new skill!


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