Thursday, June 30, 2005

S l o w P r o g r e s s

I'm finally breaking the logjam on assignments!

Wrote almost a page and a half of text for Eric's Emergent System Analysis. Miss Kim unexpectedly helped out by creating an org chart for me. Thank you, KK!

Wrote (and sent) a scouting email for my thesis project to the TAG coordinator at the kids' school. JP proofread and improved it with a copyedit. Thank you, JP!
Conducting the second coaching session. I broke down and decided to order lunch in . . . I'm a slow learner.
I'm trying to find the right verb for coaching. Conducting seems too directive. Facilitating might be better, but it implies more than one participant, doesn't it? Leading, maybe? Hosting? I want to invoke the sense of a invitation to a shared, co-created space. Any thoughts?


Anonymous maidinthesouth said...

Nurturing (I like this thought)

8:54 AM  
Blogger tina said...

All are wonderful - I'm partial to cultivating for the gardening metaphor. Maybe we need to invent a new word . . .

7:16 AM  

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