Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Four-Day Work Week

There are four days this week to get in five days of work. Three of those I will be spending off-site at Polaris, which means I really only have today to get my usual work accomplished.

What is my usual work, anyway? Firefighting, for the most part. And I'm very tired of fighting fires.

What a whiner.

This blog seems to be more of a burden than a boon at this point. I'm embarrassed about my posts, and there is little inspiration coming either from the blog to me or from me to the blog.


Blogger ιονκ said...

Sometimes I too have reservations on blogs/blogging. Perhaps it's because one may often expect more from it than one should. It probably has to do with it's public nature and the implied notions of communication with others. If a blog was a diary therefore private, the expectations and all the hoopla that accompany a public endeavour dissipate. Then one writes because one simply has to put some thoughts in paper/perspective/in place/ in archive. So maybe that's a better state of mind to be in when we blog. One day I think we may want to trace aspects of a life that live in the past and then the accumulation of seemingly simple thoughts here or there or elsewhere may be more important than what we think of them now. Your words will travel in time; your blog may well be the best time machine you will ever have and it will bring you inspiration in many unexpected ways; you 'll see..

4:20 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Thanks, Niko. I'll keep the faith.

I do want to communicate, and communicating implies a two-way transaction. I'm trying to find a way to be "personal" and about and in my own head, and yet invite reaction and commentary from others. Thus far, for the most part it's been all about me (as the subtitle says), and very little about creating a space where others feel free and welcome to contribute. (You are one of the notable exceptions to that rule.) After all, how much of interest is there for you (plural) in a blog that's all about me?

I guess I'm thinking of the old adage that the personal is political...that my individual story is part of and illuminates a larger system...maybe this doesn't ring true for "my readers," for whatever reason.

Just musing...

10:10 PM  

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