Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Initiative

I was successful in getting the word about the BAWB Summit out to my colleagues who are (or were) associated with Case in some way. So far I have received responses from two colleagues, neither of whom indicated interest in volunteering for the event. But that's okay - this is primarily an exercise in learning how to initiate and coordinate an effort like this. Another positive aspect of coordinating this is that I am getting some experience in building a small network within a network - a subnet, as it were. (Disclaimer: I don't know if subnet is a 'real' social networking term.)

I admit I will be somewhat disappointed if I can't convince anyone at work to volunteer. But I'm thrilled that I've gotten as far as I have with coordinating with the BAWB Summit coordinators, the employee volunteer web site, and the email communications with my colleagues.


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