Friday, June 09, 2006

And More of the Same

We read The Transforming Power of Affect by Diana Fosha during the first semester of our program. Eric is interested in attachment theory, so after a few hours of lecture we dove head-first into the deep waters of Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy.

I knew Rosa wanted to read it, so I sent it to her last week. She's done a lot of work with Gene Gendlin's Focusing, and Fosha's work has a lot in common with (builds on?) that. This morning she called me at work to thank me. Her voice was soft and resonant . . . she had started reading it and was enthralled. I'm so glad I sent it to her.

I'm still reading A General Theory of Love, and much of it is concerned with attachment theory, too. This reinforcement of my learning from the program and my outside reading might be construed as Hebbian learning.

A General Theory of Love states:

Because human beings remember with neurons, we are disposed to see more of what we have already seen, hear anew what we have heard most often, think just what we have always thought.
So is the feeling of rightness I experience when I read really just familiarity? Is it a groove or a rut?


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