Sunday, March 04, 2007

Re-Connecting with Case

While I consider myself quite reserved, you know that I push myself to stretch and grow. Wednesday night I pushed myself by attending an event that I ordinarily would not.

My alma mater, Case Western Reserve University, hosted a "president's reception" for Ohio legislators in the Statehouse Atrium. Case alumni were invited to meet members of the 2007 Ohio General Assembly. I think I met one (minority whip of the house?) very briefly - too briefly to even mention - but that wasn't really why I went.

The fun was in seeing Case alumni whose names I've only ever seen in the news - Lee Fisher and Marc Dann, for example - and in running into an old friend - Sudhir Raghupathy of Ingenuity Cleveland. Current coworker Bernie Rifkin and his wife Barbara were also in attendance, and we learned about plans for a Case Alumni House from the university architect.

I also met Mohan Reddy, the new Dean of the CWRU Weatherhead School of Management. He is incredibly personable, and I wish him the best as he takes the helm at Weatherhead. Mohan shared that there are plans to take the MPOD program to Spain and India! If I understood him correctly, he indicated that the whole program - not simply the international study tour portion of the Cleveland-based program - would be hosted in those countries.

I also met Barbara Snyder, the incoming President of Case. Also friendly and personable, she carries our fondest hopes and wishes for the future of the university with her.

All in all, the event connected me with others who care about the future. I think it was a good stretch.

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