Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is There a New OD?

In this article, Bob Marshak posits two flavors of OD: Classical and New.

Bob articulates something I have been 'sensing' in my program, but wasn't actually fully conscious of. There is a 'tug' I'm feeling from (at least) two legacies in the program.

Although Bob lumps Action Research in with 'Classical OD,' I have the sense from my readings that AR is moving in this social constructivist direction, also, where reality is not a fact, but instead socially constructed.

In the introductory chapter of The Handbook of Action Research, Hilary Bradbury and Peter Reason describe an 'emerging participatory worldview' that places AR in this social constructivist context.


Blogger maidinthesouth said...

Not sure where I am on this yet...still feeling that AR is on the Classical OD side of the fence. Maybe after the next residency I'll have a stronger opinion...or I could reflect and write a 12 page single spaced paper about it (NOT!).

8:58 AM  

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