Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Social Networking Quiz

Rich invited me to join him and Pam for drinks after work. I made a connection with an internal hiring manager (Mike) in the technology center. He said he would be in touch about a BA position he has opening up.

I don't think I want a BA position in the technology center, but I didn't say that to Mike. Why didn't I? (Choose the best answer below.)
  • I don't want to close any doors prematurely.
  • I have so many other things I'd like to try.
  • I have a future.

Mike didn't realize that I had a conflict of interest with Rich at this event. He kept talking about recruiting me when Rich was trying to sell him on someone else. It was a little awkward.

It was great to see Pam, though. We talked about old times. Her little one is 2 years old today!


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