Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yellow Crochet Dress

When I was nine, my Grandma crocheted a sleeveless yellow-and-white-striped dress for me for Easter. I told her I wouldn't wear it because it was itchy. Not a problem for my seamstress grandmother! She and my mother put their heads together and came up with a fix - they lined the dress with an itchy white polyester organza.

What I didn't tell Grandma was that I hated that dress. I simply could not stand the weight of it, the crinkly feel and sound of the organza lining, and the rough edges of the crocheted armholes. There was probably nothing wrong with that dress, but it just wasn't me!

Grandma and Mom reasoned with me. They begged me. But I never would wear that dress. I was incredibly relieved when my next growth spurt made wearing it moot.

Today I tried on a new opportunity. After a few minutes, I could tell. There probably isn't anything wrong with that opportunity - it just isn't me.


Blogger ιονκ said...

nice one! ;-)

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