Thursday, September 08, 2005

Existentialism Raises Its Ugly Head Again, When You Least Expect It

B and I talked again about a project that would benefit the division and satisfy my needs for the individual field project. He is most interested in the "learning organization" option or the knowledge management site.

We agreed that the "learning organization" option would be most likely to satisfy both of our requirements. Indeed, I have been volunteering to work on a knowledge management site for months now with no hope for school "credit," and I would work on it whether it were a school project or not. It simply needs to be done.

I'm not sure how to turn the division into a learning organization, which makes me nervous. But maybe that's part of the point of the individual field project - to stretch a little and try something I don't already know how to do. In fact, maybe that's the whole point of my program, not to mention the whole point of life?

If you believe life has a point, that is.


Anonymous Paula said...


It is, I agree, scary at first to step out onto that limb and take a chance. There is a great reward, though, when you find yourself on another tree that has even greater climbing potential. Trust the process and yourself!


8:39 AM  

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