Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You've Wasted Another Perfectly Good Hour

I was planning to blog about visualizing social networks this morning, but I couldn't find the site I wanted to reference. I'll figure it out later when I access my laptop's browser history.

My other plan was to spend the seven o'clock hour working on some of the materials needed for my individual field project.

Instead, I surfed the web, bought oatmeal for breakfast, and generally noodled away the time.

I have been pushing really, really hard to get everything done at work over the last few days and weeks. When I push myself like this, I become mentally exhausted and I crash. It's as if I only have so much capacity, and I've used it up.

I think I'm discovering that for me, it's a false economy to push really hard. It doesn't increase my capacity - it just expends my capacity faster.


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