Friday, April 28, 2006

In My Life

Rose and I had a productive conversation last night. She came up with some terrific insights into 'traditional' OD approaches in contrast with Appreciative Inquiry. She should write an article!

Rose and I met as freshmen at Case in January 1979. We were reflecting on that period last night. It seems so strange and beautiful that we're still friends, that we're still involved with Case, that Case is the center of the OB universe in some ways, and that we're both now connected to that universe. Who could have imagined it 27 years ago?


Anonymous Rosa Zubizarreta said...

Yes it is strange and wonderful, the way that life unfolds sometimes, in all these "meaningful patterns" that can so often only be discerned in hindsight...

it reminds me somehow of the Nazca lines in Peru, where the patterns can only be seen from an airplane... and not at all, when we are "on the ground", with our "nose to the grindstone"...

i think it's one of the things i love most about the non-linear 'practical dialogue' processes i'm so passionate about... how the exploration the group is engaged in, can feel so "all over the map"... and then at the end, when we go back to look over it, there is so much coherence and meaning and natural structure that becomes apparent... it's really quite awesome.

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