Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Neuroscience of Leadership

I sent this article out to about 50 of my closest friends and colleagues two days ago. It's really a wonderful summation of many of the principles that we learned in our Appreciative Inquiry class with David Cooperrider and our coaching class with Richard Boyatzis.

What has been most interesting is the positive feedback I've received from distributing the article. One friend wrote to tell me that it was a 'blessing' - she was going to put the research to use in a state-wide presentation to school administrators June 28. Another friend wrote to tell me that someone else had mentioned the same article to her the day before - she used the term 'synchronicity.' One colleague forwarded it to his entire leadership team, and one of the team wrote back to tell us that he had studied coaching with David Rock, a co-author of the piece!

I am grateful to be part of a community like this. JP has called me a 'Connector' in the past - I believe that may be my role in this community. It doesn't pay very well, but the perks are great - a chance to be of service to some of the best minds and hearts in the world.


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