Sunday, July 23, 2006

I've Been Everywhere, Man

Throughout the week I kept trying to make time to post, but one thing after another kept me from the keyboard. It wasn't for lack of topics!

Some of you know I traveled to Connecticut this week. It was a thought-provoking and learning-filled trip, although I'll refrain from sharing many of the details publicly for now.

The Connecticut countryside is truly lovely - lots of huge granite stones amidst thickly forested, deep green hillsides. I was about an hour from NYC, and I actually glimpsed the city from the plane on the way out. Boston is about 1.5 hours away, and I'll bet I drove past at least four different colleges within a 10 mile radius. Greenwich is very nicely located in the middle of a rich number of cultural and natural resources.

Right before I drove back to the airport, I stopped in at the Bruce Museum, where they won me over with an exhibit called "Best in Show: Dogs in Art." I admit I was skeptical, but it turned out to be better than okay. This is the first time I've seen a guided museum tour conducted by cell phone - I thought that was a clever use of technology, too.

Saturday I drove to Cleveland to participate in the inaugural MPOD book club discussion. I've never joined a book club before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that I would enjoy the company of my former classmates, but I didn't know how the discussion would unfold and whether it would be beneficial. It turns out my former classmates had lots of good insights on Authentic Happiness, and the mere fact that we talked about the book reinforced my learning and memory and enhanced my understanding of the text. I'll definitely participate in the next session, no matter which book is finally selected.

Elaine and her husband Jeff were more than kind to open their home to us. Elaine invited Dave, a colleague of hers from the VA, to attend, and he contributed quite a bit to the discussion. Robb, Lora, Debbie, Beth, and I were the other MPODs in attendance.

I meant to attend Bloggapalooza in Cleveland, but I neglected to record the precise location before I left home. After driving up and down Detroit Avenue on the West side for half an hour, I gave up and drove to Mom's house. Little wonder I never found it on Detroit - it was on Superior on the East side! Argh. I'm disappointed in myself, and I'm going to take this lesson away for my next adventure: Know where you're supposed to be going, and bring a map!


Blogger George Nemeth said...

Aw. I'm sorry you didn't make it!

I always try to keep someone's phone number with me. That and take my laptop with me with the browser open to the google map of the page...

6:44 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Well, I won't make the same mistake again! (Although I reserve the right to make new, more interesting mistakes!)

7:42 AM  

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