Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mixing Mortar and Metaphors

Clearly, Hilary appreciated Wellsping Team Memo B. She is offering it as an exemplar to the rest of the class.
Grade for the work: A+
This is a joy to read, well done!
We 'wicked' Divas conspired to create an outstanding team paper, and we succeeded. It feels pretty good to have pulled it off.

How did we do it?

Without Cary and Mike's invitation to study Wellspring, we would not have this fabulous location in which to build.

Cheryl's planning and initiative were critical for laying the process foundation.

Mika and Jennifer's systems analysis were key to developing the conceptual framework for hypotheses and content.

Darlene's social awareness and Herculean facilitiation skills were the all-important mortar, keeping Diva-sized egos well-fed and in check.

And Pam and Tina's partnership were critical for getting the first draft 'under roof.'
Not only did we produce a solid, well-built paper - we are constructing a solid, well-built team!


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