Thursday, July 21, 2005

Two Down . . . One to Go

I've finished two of the three major papers that were due. The last one on leadership is for Boyatzis. I want to hit this one out of the ballpark, but I fear I'm fresh out of home runs.

My coaching call with Miggy yesterday was satisfying. She caused me to question my role in life, which is always a good thing. At times my little life seems so insignificant, but she helped me see that I can be a 'visionary leader' for my family. And that's . . . well, that's hopeful.

It is amazing to me that I felt completely dead inside last year at this time. Studying OD has energized me in a way that nothing else has before.

I have no big insights for you today, just tiny moments of awareness.


Blogger andy said...

Awareness is always fruitful, whether it comes in tiny moments or earth-shattering eruptions. So says I, anyway...

5:36 AM  

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