Saturday, July 09, 2005

Round Robin

We participated in our coaching round robin session this morning. It seems so unnatural to consciously attempt to coach another person. I do this all the time in "real life," but when I'm "on stage," I get flustered and everything falls out of my head. Is this stage fright?

It is enlightening to see others personal balance sheets and analyses. We are so different, and yet we have so many silimarities! Lack of confidence is so central to my experience that I assume (incorrectly) that everyone else shares it. To discover someone whose confidence is a "distinctive strength" - wow, it blows my mind.

What can I learn from this exercise? Perhaps that we all have our distinctive strengths and our enduring dispositions. That we are all using those strengths and dispositions to navigate our worlds. That working together, we can co-create a world that links our strengths so that they resonate and contribute in ways we cannot even imagine when we are working alone.


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