Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Critical Mass

Today was full of program-influenced activities.

First, I designed a short Appreciative Inquiry interview around the affirmative topic of 'The Best Learning Experience.' For having crafted it in about an hour at lunch, I think it came out pretty well! JP is going to use it as an experiential learning exercise with his graduate business class tonight. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Second, one of my circle 'proteges' invited me to lunch with him in the company cafe. I got to hear a little about his plans for the future. As a young man in his early career, it was refreshing to hear his perspectives on work and life. I don't often get a chance to converse with people his age.

Third, I spent about 45 minutes with our division head talking about the potential of doing my individual field project around something in the division - or maybe even in the larger organization. B was receptive and patient while I stumbled around my vague presentation. I proposed one of the following:

Assemble and Facilitate a Strategy Networking Group
Create a Knowledge Management Site
Begin Developing a Learning Culture
Implement Leadership Coaching

B was interested in the middle two proposals, but my heart is kind of in the first one. He also suggested a role in the 'Voice of the Employee' taskforce, but I'm not sure that would fulfill the project requirements - I'll have to take another look at the published project parameters. In any case, it doesn't excite me.

I'm grateful to Cheryl and Rosa for their assistance in prepping for and debriefing the meeting with B.

All in all, it was a pretty good day!


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