Sunday, October 23, 2005


In many ways, the BAWB Summit is a turning point for me.

If you've been reading along the last few weeks, you know that I tried to rally a group of colleagues to volunteer for the summit. I was successful in getting one person to come, and he's a participant in my program, too. In terms of results, I wouldn't call this effort of mine a big success by any stretch of the imagination. But the process was important in stretching my thinking and getting me out of my comfort zone. It was pivotal in that way.

The event itself was a rich experience, and I intend to write several posts about that. At a high level, though, it woke me up to my own passion for making a positive difference in the world, and enhanced my understanding of my own nascent power in creating change. Ray Anderson's eloquent address infused my mind and heart with concern for the future, and Nancy Adler - well, her call to action and leadership just hit home in a very profound way.

Finally, it was amazing to discover the wide variety of organizations and interests represented by the summit participants. The confluence of great minds in one place was extraordinary. And yet, it seemed natural that people who are awake and aware would travel from South Africa, Brazil, or Canada, and take time from their businesses, classes, and NGOs to make their voices and hopes for the future heard and understood.

There is a lot here to reflect on. If the stuff I heard sticks . . . I may have been set on a new life path.


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