Thursday, November 03, 2005


Yesterday was a day of divergence and confluence.

I joined the Toastmasters club that meets where I work. I had no plans to join Toastmasters, and yet, here I am. In theory, it makes sense to add Toastmasters to my learning plan. If I am to teach and speak, practicing these presentation and speaking skills is essential. In practice, however, I have overdue school work I'm struggling to get everything done in the rest of my life.

So what was I thinking?!

I've noticed this pattern before. When deadlines loom (or appear in the rear-view mirror) and the stress builds up, I tend to go shopping - for other things to do! I load up on the small activities like contributing to iCohere, writing in my blog, emailing my friends, making personal appointments for the future, etc. etc. etc.

This must be the way that I manifest denial. Diverge all over the place.

On the convergence side, I've helped make a potential funding connection for a "LEED for Homes" pilot project here in Central Ohio. Cross your fingers! The project is associated with the Columbus Green Building Forum and the Worthington-Kilbourne Home B.A.S.E. program.


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