Friday, July 28, 2006

Egoic Open Space

This week I attended the ISPI Open Space event. I was lucky enough to propose two topics that resonated with other attendees, so I got to facilitate a couple of sessions.

Someone I met that night wrote me to say that I was "a wonderful facilitator" and "really made the event worthwhile" for her. I have been lolling around in that high praise for a few days now. It made my week!

Of course, the facilitation itself was not the purpose of the event, but for me, that facilitation experience was a high point. While I was tired afterwards, I was also strangely refreshed and re-energized. I felt somehow re-purposed.

The ISPI folks in attendance were highly creative and participated with gusto. That made my role as facilitator a whole heckuva lot easier than it would have been in a more conflicted situation.

Oh yeah, the night before I crammed by reading Harrison Owen's, Open Space Technology: A User's Guide.


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