Monday, July 25, 2005

Second Guessing

This feeling of regret and self-doubt . . . it often follows a major decision or choice for me. I keep thinking, 'What will I be missing in Bath?'

Complexity theory as it applies to social systems? I doubt that it's a serious theoretical contender. It's incredibly heady, but so gimmicky. ('But what if I'm wrong?')

My head said Bath, and my heart said Belgium. I usually follow my head. This time I followed my heart. So it's group dynamics in Flemish with Danielle leading the way, and hanging with my best buds Pam and Cheryl in Leuven.

I hope my heart didn't lead me astray.


Blogger andy said...

"Complexity theory ...It's incredibly heady..."

Have you come across the work of Ralph Stacey on that subject? His earlier writing was moderately accessible to a non-academic like me, but I gave up with some of his later stuff - it was just so dense!

5:20 PM  
Blogger tina said...

No, I'm not familiar with his work. I'll have to check it out! Do you have a specific recommendation?

7:25 AM  
Blogger andy said...

The one I managed to finish was "Complexity and Creativity in Organisations"; the one I gave up on was "Complex Responsive Processes in Organisations".

The themes that stay with me from that earlier work are: the value of an organisation's so-called shadow system - the "rules" that really describe/govern what goes on, how authority flips between legitimate and shadow systems, why people in organisations need freedom to "play", and the crucial role of interconnectedness -something that blogging is helping along significantly.

Whoops, sorry, got carried away there...

12:20 PM  

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