Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ask And You Shall Receive

Pam asked Rebinder to donate some of their recyclable binders for next week's Wellspring event, and they agreed! We Divas are immensely grateful for their generosity.

Pam was courageous to ask for the donation, and I salute her! I'm not sure I could have done it, even though I suggested it.

The request for the donation grew out of one of the teambuilding activities I participated in last week at sparkspace. In the 'paperclip' activity, teams were charged with 'trading' a paperclip for something of more value from a stranger. The team that brought back the most valuable item(s) 'won.'

The people we approached were very good sports. The first person willing traded her last cigarette (and the box it was in) for a paperclip. A local electrician traded a roll of pink electrical tape and a pair of earplugs for the cigarette. And so it went.

My team did not win, but the lesson of asking for assistance from strangers was not lost on me!

Pam said the stars were in alignment today. I think she's right.


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