Thursday, August 18, 2005


The first session of the leadership learning series found me observing and participating by turns.

While I was up in the balcony (in observation mode), I reviewed the class design and materials and watched the facilitator. I tried to figure out what was working well and how I might design and facilitate the session differently.

While I was on the dance floor (in participaton mode), I tried to contribute to the efforts of my 4-person group. I struggled with my ever-present desire to joke around in an attempt to break the tension. And I walked a tightrope of having my own very firmly grounded theories about leadership (thanks, Richard) and listening respectfully to others who are still groping toward an understanding.

Rosa took me to task last week for trying to fix things that just are. As she said, some things in life are just naturally bittersweet. I need to continue to practice being with what is.


Blogger ιονκ said...

I like the implied duality of your last sentence: practice and being. It describes perhaps how one might wish to live life..?

practicing: exploring the possibilites of advancement in an insulated environment, away from the spotlights of the main stage.

being: experiencing and accepting life as it is, hoping for balance. Is this an ideal or a possible quest? Is this what you do to train or simply how you train to do things..

7:18 PM  

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