Thursday, November 30, 2006

Second Thoughts

The facilitator orientation for the UNOP Community Congress II lasted over 2.5 hours last night. The amount of information one is expected to master and implement is more than a little intimidating!

Of course, each facilitator (and participant) is coming to the event with his or her own professional experiences and preparation, and the whole will be larger than the sum of its parts.

I'm having some second thoughts about the time, effort, and money I will be expending to participate in this thing. This is a huge effort for me personally, and from what I can tell there is the possibility that no one will even show up to participate in Detroit. And what benefit will there be for those who do show up? They will share their preferences, "voting" for the options that are presented. But as Ed pointed out to me last night, who created these options? (Some of them were created at the first Community Congress, some of the options will come from the participants in this event, and some of them were created by a variety of consultants who have researched the issues.) And what obligation does the leadership in New Orleans have to act on any of these choices?

On the other hand, I'm hearing Pam's voice in my head right now: "Trust the process!"

More to come?


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