Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Thing Leads to Another

I joined a new employee networking group (ENG) at work today - the 'Experienced Professionals Network.' It's intended to serve employees over 40. I took a big gulp and walked into the room knowing that admitting to being of a certain age in our organization is asking for a new level of abuse and scorn. I couldn't imagine how lumping myself in with "older workers" could benefit me. But I decided to trust the process, as Pam says.

I can identify three immediate benefits from attending. First, I reconnected with an acquaintance from my previous employer, and that just felt good. Second, I got a piece of information about budgeting and salaries that I think could pay off within six months. And third, the executive sponsor of the new network offered to help me make some connections within the organization, with an eye toward moving closer to my ideal position and maybe even relocating.

I've been working on my portfolio this week, too. It has been truly weird to review the work in it, some of which dates back to 1997. It holds up, but it's so far removed from my current reality. Back in those days I was a technical writer using an application called Doc-to-Help to create user guides and online Help for applications.

Connie was chatting with me yesterday about feeling that the Universe was pulling her life in a direction that she could not seem to ignore. As she looks over her life, she sees an emergent pattern that she could not have predicted or chosen intentionally.

As I review my old portfolio pieces, I'm able to see how one thing leads to another, too. And I wonder what parts of the puzzle are yet to be dropped into the big picture of my life.


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