Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tell Me All That You Know

Another experiment that Bohm might have been unfamiliar with is T-groups or sensitivity training. If he was aware of it, did he ever write about how his imagined 'dialogue' was different than a the process that occurs in a T-group? If there is a dfference, is the difference simply a matter of intent? In a dialogue, the intent is almost 'no intent,' or maybe we could say the intent is 'thinking together.' In a T-group, the intent is to observe the group process . . .

I was so excited about On Dialogue before I read it. In some ways it was disappointing. But Bohm's voice continues to bounce around and echo echo echo inside my head, so I'll probably end up searching out more of his stuff.

Meanwhile, I've started into Gergen's An Invitation to Social Construction. As I read, I'm trying to figure out how Ken Wilber and Ken Gergen see each other (philosophically speaking).

I feel a little guilty reading all this mind candy. What am I going to do with this stuff? It's incredibly fascinating, but what does it all mean? What material effect does all this intellectual noodling have in the world? Plus, it's distracting me from prosaic stuff like working on my resume or playing board games with the kids.


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