Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Story of Stuff

This entertaining little film about all our "stuff" is one I would like all my friends to view. It takes 20 minutes to watch the entire piece, and I think it is well worth the time.

Annie Leonard, a sustainability consultant, has put together a wonderful and easy-to-understand piece that gets to the heart of sustainability. She brings it all together in one place in a fun way, and I think you will enjoy this show, The Story of Stuff!



Anonymous Chris said...


I watched the link and sent it to a friend of mine who is the president of the Environmental Law Society here at school.

I agree that sustainability (despite the term's broadness and overuse) is important to the future of this country and the world in general. And every smart remark I came up with (e.g., Canada has trees we can use; not catching on fire is a priority of mine) was answered by the video. But what can we really do to promote said sustainability? Ms. Leonard offered some suggestions, but in terms of feasibility, I don't know if they're realistic. At this point, education seems to be the best way.

It's Friday and I can't think coherently, so 3 points and I'm done:

(1) I will soon enter a profession that is ridiculously wasteful. Lawyers and law firms and even law students waste a tremendous amount of paper everyday and when you think about the bleaching of the paper and what that does to the environment and the ink and on and on. It's overwhelming. How can we encourage small steps to be taken?

(2) Plastic bags bother me. We have so many floating around the apartment and did you know they use petroleum to make them? Wow. We suck as a country. How do we break this and similar cycles?

(3) The economy IS important, and we'll need to organize our solution around that.

Okay, one final thing and then I'm gone:

It's good to see you posting regularly again.

Have a good weekend.

My future profession


5:03 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Chris, thanks for taking the time to view the video and to comment so thoughtfully. I wish I had easy answers to your questions - I struggle with similar questions every day!

I write another blog called Green Buckeye ( where I try to research and provide links to resources that will help Central Ohioans learn, think, lead, act, and reflect.

I agree that education is one place to start. Taking action is another place to start - can you find some reusable canvas shopping bags and start taking them on your regular trips to the food store? What about all that paper you and your fellow students are using - is there a recycling bin easily accessible at school? If not, could you ask for one? Is there a way to change your own behavior in some way that would eliminate one sheet of paper a day? Two sheets? These may seem to be exceedingly small steps, but the example you set and the conversations you start begin to make a difference in awareness.

As Gandhi is so often quoted, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

It feels good to be back. Thanks for noticing! Hoping all is well with you and yours.


5:01 PM  

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