Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm Floating in a Most Peculiar Way

Earlier this week I dialed into a virtual improv workshop featuring Izzy Gesell and Andrew Rixon. Carla Rogers of Evolve Facilitation and Coaching sponsored the event, and she has planned a number of similar free "Leading Lights" conference calls that you might want to check out.

For me, the most interesting exercise on the call was an effort to have 5 people count upward from 1 to 10. The rules, which were designed for an in-person exercise, stated that you could not visually or verbally signal to the other counters who should proceed with the next number. If more than one counter said the same number, the game started over from 1 again.

The level of listening and awareness on the call during that exercise was intense. It was as if the entire group of almost 100 people on the call was collectively holding its breath in anticipation of the next number.

What would happen if we listened to each other with that kind of intensity at home? What if we listened to each other with that kind of intensity at work? What would the world be like if we could get our leaders to listen to each other with that kind of depth?

By the way, Andrew Rixon runs Anecdote, a very cool blog that I've been meaning to point out for some time.


Blogger andy said...

I did just that exercise a couple of weeks ago! Perhaps twenty of us, in a circle, eyes closed, as the final act of preparation before musicians and actors went on stage together. We aimed to get to 20, but felt pretty pleased when after several attempts we got to 17. It may be simple, but it has a profound effect...

4:50 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Oh, that seems like a very good use of that exercise! Literally "tuning in" to one another as musicians.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Rixon said...

Hi Tina,

Nice post.

Great point about the effect and power of listening.

Alot of our story work involves listening. It's amazing how, being a listening facilitator, opens up the space for others in the group to it as well.

Warm regards,

10:27 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Thanks for stopping by, Andrew!


1:25 PM  

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