Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Answer to How is Yes

It's a strange title for a book, isn't it?

I finished reading Peter Block's The Answer to How is Yes this weekend. This book is a kind of manifesto for leadership and "acting on what matters," the subtitle of the book.

I'm so impressed with this work that I'm thinking about giving copies of it to all of my fellow MPOD 2006 graduates and my colleagues and friends who want to make a positive difference in their workplaces and in the world.

Peter Block doesn't pull any punches about what it means to question the status quo, and what it could mean for your own personal advancement in an organization. Questioning whether our collective actions are directed toward important and meaningful activities as opposed to accepting the goals defined by others is a sure way to make yourself unpopular. However, Block tells us that this is part of owning our own lives and earning our personal freedom and citizenship.

This is a dangerous book.


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