Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sunday I spent a good part of the day reading. I started with good intentions - I would begin reading the paper I have been assigned as a reviewer for the Academy of Management Organization Development and Change Division.

I thought I would read through the paper once without making any marks or comments - you know, just to get an overall sense of the meaning and the flow. It didn't work out that way. From the abstract forward, I needed Wikipedia open at all times so that I could make sense of the philosophical references. I like to think I'm somewhat intelligent and relatively well read in my field - this paper made me feel not so much!

Of course, being an academic paper, the author made reference to many other works. Some of these I have in my own library. One I had been meaning to read for over a year. So when I got to page 17 of the paper (about halfway through after 2.5 hours of "reading"), I set the paper aside and picked up that book.

I didn't get back to reviewing the AOM paper that day. I will. But thank goodness that the AOM has the sense to assign 3 (differently abled) reviewers per paper!

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