Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I've spent hours and hours uploading and editing links on the last few weekends. I'm not sure it's very useful for anyone . . . if you've clicked over there and discovered something interesting or unusual, let me know, won't you? It's time-consuming, and I don't have a sense that it is adding value for me or my readers (all 10 of you).

Part of the reason I'm doing so much backroom maintenance is that I'm feeling a little overexposed. Adding the extra blog (greenbuckeye, remember?) has been a bit of a mental burden, even though I haven't written any content over there, either.

For some reason I feel like that blog is going to require more disclosure than I'm comfortable with right now. I've also become hyper-conscious all of a sudden that I'm not nearly as knowledgeable about sustainability as I thought I might be, and on top of that I don't 'walk the talk' in any significant way. I suppose that realizing this is important in my personal development as a leader and a citizen. But do I really want to open myself up to criticism of my personal Midwestern suburban housewife lifestyle? Don't I have enough on my plate?


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